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Vhs To Dvd Converter

Vhs To Dvd Converter



Many people want to convert their old VHS cassettes into DVDs so that they can enjoy the atmosphere and the original quality of the VHS format. There are now many different convertors that can be used and these we will require users to connect with PC and Mac computers so that they can then convert the original content of the VHS cassette onto a digital format. In this article we will outline the features and the benefits that can be offered from the latest vhs to dvd convertors. Read more at Ram Reviews.


If you have used VHS cassettes to record your memories then you will be able to convert these effectively and this will help you to protect these memories in a digital format. You will be able to convert these via the USB cables on the VCR or camcorder. This will then connect to the computer. This is an affordable method for converting and there are now many additional features that you will be able to implement, once your data is within the computer.


vhs to dvd

There will be a number of different functions that you will be able to access once your footage is in the computer. The first function will be the ability to change the size of the screen. You will also be able to add background music to the piece and will be able to add comments and titles. There will also be the ability to create transitions between footage and this will help you to add depth to your footage. Once you have completed your digital content, you will then be able to burn it to DVD, and will be able to watch it on many different formats including iPhone and PSP units. You will also be able to upload clips onto the web and will be able to share clips on Facebook and other social networks.