1970S Seiko Automatic Watches

1970s Seiko Automatic watches are beautiful timepieces that were ahead of their time. With a modern look that is in style today, these watches range in price and design. Here are some examples of excellent 1970s Seiko Automatic timepieces that are drool-worthy.

Seiko 5 Actus

The Seiko 5 Actus Men’s 21 Jewel Stainless Japanese 1970s Watch (J764) is a rare, gorgeous model with a stunning yellow dial face, gleaming polished stainless steel, and genuine leather band. With a smooth, nearly-hidden watch crown between 3 and 4 o’clock, this dial face is not crowded either with only a dial window showing the day of the week and the day of the month at 3 o’clock and featuring three shining dial hands (the hour and minute hands are luminous). This is a rare, 21 jewel timepiece to find, but when you do find it, it can cost you around $880 at watchamania.

Seiko Sportsman

The Seiko Sportsman (L179) is a gorgeous and simple timepiece dressed in gold plated casing, slim bezel, and three dial hands. These gold plated features look great against the white dial face. Clean and simple, the leather band and 17 jewel Automatic movement finish off this dress watch into a classic look that is timeless. You can find this 1970s Seiko timepiece on the internet for around $890.

Seiko 5 Sports

Nothing screams 1970s than the Seiko 5 Sports Speed-Timer timepiece. This is quintessential 70s, with a great vintage look to it that shows what the modern innovations of the 70s looked like at the time. This watch has a log of nostalgia and this makes it a highly sought after vintage wristwatch by Seiko. The black dial face has two sub dials at 12 and 6 o’clock, which are white and orange in color. The 3 o’clock position has Seiko’s traditional rectangular window that shows the day of the week and day of the month. Around the rim of the dial is a Tachymeter that the yellow second hand tracks, and the hour and second hand are white and track the white indices. You can find the 5 Sports Speed-Timer online for around $1,067 these days, which is a great price for this steel, 21 jewel Automatic with genuine leather band.

Seiko UFO Automatic

Another quintessential 1970s Seiko watch is the Seiko UFO Automatic Chronograph Original (6138-0001). This incredible vintage watch has all sorts of color going on from band to dial. Featuring three crowns on the right hand side, the traditional Seiko day of month and week window at 3 o’clock, three dial hands, a Tachymeter around the dial window rim, two sub dials at 12 and 6 o’clock, and a black face with orange, red, black, and grey accents, this steel timepiece is a Seiko classic. What makes this Seiko different from some of the other 1970s Seiko timepieces is the Textile bracelet strap, which is vertically striped with black, grey, and finally, red in the mid-line. This watch definitely has that vintage look of days past and hints at nostalgia. This timepiece is available online for around $710.

Seiko UFO Automatic
Seiko UFO Automatic

The Grand Seiko

This next watch is a great example of a Seiko classic from the 70s, and classics never die. The Grand Seiko (5646-7010) is known for its dial face which featured the “GS HI-BEAT” print. This incredible 25 jewel Automatic timepiece boasts a steel case, a thin steel bezel, three dial hands, a Seiko day of the month and day of the week window at the 3 o’clock position, simple hour markers, a mineral glass dial window, and leather bracelet. The silver dial face looks more cream colored as this vintage watch ages, which gives it a great character and nostalgia of this classic. You can find this timepiece online for around $1,516 in decent condition, which proves this classic’s longevity and timelessness.

The Seiko Automatic timepieces of the 1970s had a great look to them, from classic designs, modern looks that were ahead of its time, to nostalgic 70s styles that are a testament to the innovations of the time. Whatever your personal style, the Seiko 1970s models are wide ranging and attract attention to this day.